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Who Will Help Anna In Her Hour of Need?

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General Hospital’s Anna (Finola Hughes) is a lot of things. But a damsel in distress isn’t one of them. Not only does she rarely need help but, as a result, she doesn’t really know how to ask for it.

She can take down a super-villain and an international spy ring without mussing her hair, but her recent cancer diagnosis may prove a foe she can’t tackle alone. So whom do you want to see help her? Almost 4,000 viewers wrote the following prescription.

Mother and Son Reunion?
There’s a reason 43% of you want Griffin (Matt Cohen) to be Anna’s savior. And not just because, as both a priest and a doctor, it’s his basic job description.

You want Griffin to donate bone marrow to Anna so that, through the magic of soap-opera biology (and some rewriting), he can prove to be the baby she lost with Duke (Ian Buchanan) years ago!

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First Up
Robert (Tristan Rogers) has managed to let Anna down numerous times in the past, so 27% of fans think it’s time for him to step up now.

He had his own cancer diagnosis to deal with (if Night Shift counts), so he should be able to sympathize. At worst, their snarking will keep Anna distracted during treatment.

Valentin’s Day
And speaking of men who can sympathize, there’s also Valentin (James Patrick Stuart), with his history of health issues, which 24% of you expect him to utilize as a way of getting closer to Anna. The Cassadine family has been known to cure death. Surely, they can cure this.

Children’s Hour
Non-GH watchers might not know this, but Anna has another ex, David (Vincent Irizarry), whom she married and had a…continue reading on the next page —>

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