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Why Did General Hospital Turn Dante Into Lucky?

Dante and Lulu General HospitalDante and Lulu General Hospital

We were thrilled when we learned General Hospital was bringing back Dominic Zamprogna, even if it was only short-term. His exit last year made very little sense and was less than spectacular and we believed the actor and the character of Dante deserved more.

Instead, all the character got was the Lucky Spencer treatment. Lulu should be familiar with it because she is his sister after all. And, Elizabeth should be familiar with it because she has had to raise his three sons on her own for years.

Yes, Lucky went to travel the world to brood because life in Port Charles was too much. Never mind he had one adopted, one born legally as his, and one who is biologically his. Granted, when he left the first time, he thought one of them was dead.

But the last time we saw Lucky he brought Jake back to Elizabeth and even introduced himself as his dad. Then, he took off again and that was nearly four years ago. That sure is one deadbeat dad.

While Dante is not taking off to brood, he sure didn’t tell Lulu that, so she thinks her husband “Lucky’d” her. Yes, Dante was brainwashed and it would have made more sense that he leaves town again if Lulu actually knew this.

Instead, he looks as much of a deadbeat dad as Lucky (and, of course, Frisco Jones before him) and likely will become one if Zamprogna is just going to come and go for several-episode arcs every once in a while.

It’s a disservice to the character, a disservice to Lulu, and especially a disservice to fans who have been invested in this couple for years and can’t imagine why Dante didn’t just tell Lulu the truth.

Fans — and Lulu — feel as stunned and dumbfounded at this year’s exit as they did at least year’s.

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