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Our GH Take: Is That REALLY Carlos? We Don’t Think So


There’s something to be said for actor Jeffrey Vincent Parise that “General Hospital” refuses to truly write him off. Carlos Rivera has now died twice in one year, has made ghostly appearances, and now seems to be alive. . . or is he?

He Sure Looks Like Carlos
The man who showed up at the Quartermaine door certainly looked like Carlos, but did not sound like the man who took a dagger to the chest in May. Instead, he sounded highly sophisticated, with no hint of that slight Puerto Rican accent. Let’s not forget he called Sabrina (Teresa Castillo) by her given name. One would think the “real” Carlos would greet her with “Carlita,” his pet name for his longtime love.

Is GH really pulling the never-before-heard-of twin brother story out of the hat? It certainly seems that way. Something tells us Sabrina also knows the man before her eyes is not the father of her little Teddy. She had a look of recognition with that shock rather than a look of fear. Previews indicate she lets him right into the living room, something she might not do if the notorious Carlos appeared at the door.

Julian’s Second Chance?
Is this also Julian’s (William deVry) do-over? Remember, he quietly asked for one after Ghost Carlos suddenly disappeared from his hospital room. Carlos’s evil spirit taunted Julian for being careless enough to allow Alexis to coax a confession from him. Was GH foreshadowing a brand-new story in which Carlos’s twin passes himself off as the hitman to get Julian off the hook for murder? As of now, they’ve written Julian into a corner. There’s no turning back, no do-over–unless there was never a murder (or two).

With Julexis fans seething at what the writers have done to their couple, and Michael and Sabrina approaching boring happily-ever-after land, Carlos or a Carlos lookalike is just what each pair needs. He can mend things for one–and tear things apart for the other.

[relbar link=”http://soaphub.wpengine.com/general-hospital/tyler-christopher-way-back-gh/” text=”Could Tyler Christopher Be on His Way Back to GH?”]Of course, there’s that little case of Julian holding that pesky dagger to Alexis’s (Nancy Lee Grahn) neck and threatening to slice her, but that’s a whole other story for a whole other day. For now, welcome back Jeffrey Vincent Parise. We’re glad we didn’t have time to miss you.

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