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Exclusive Interview: General Hospital Star Steve Burton Reacts To Daytime Emmy Nomination


Soap Hub just caught up with General Hospital star – and two-time Daytime Emmy winner – Steve Burton (Jason), for an informative chat. Just like the rest of us, he’s dealing with the quarantine, while also keeping busy with his new Youtube shows – and a pleasant distraction with another Daytime Emmy nomination. See how he feels about this very welcome turn of events.

Steve Burton And Emmy Gold

Are you really excited for the Daytime Emmy nomination? It’s on TV versus a big auditorium. Are you still excited?

Yes, I’m sure the quarantine has a lot to do with why it’s gonna go on primetime… So, I think it’s great for daytime and I think it’ll be a fun night. I know the fans are going to love the Emmys this year it’s because it’s back on TV!

For the actors, and their family and friends, who would normally go to the ceremony, they’ll be missing out on the thrill of seeing you and the other nominees there.

Yeah, that’s kind of the fun part of me – walking the red carpet and seeing friends and then after-parties and hanging out. Obviously, we can’t do any of those things, but once this quarantine is over hopefully we can all get together and celebrate with everybody from all of the soaps. Being a part of daytime for almost 30 years, and being part of that community, is awesome.

But, even without an in-person event, it seems like you’re still plenty happy with the nomination?

Yes! Just being nominated again, it’s an honor, and, well, it’s pretty cool – I didn’t expect it, so it was awesome. No, it never gets old!

Getting The News

How did you find out about your nomination this year?

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My friend on the East Coast, Linda Rohe was watching The Talk and texted me when she saw I was nominated. So, that was exciting, so I wanted to watch it on TV when the show airs on the West Coast, with my kids, who I didn’t tell I was nominated. So, I knew exactly when they were making the announcement, and then – the show was preempted in Los Angeles! It was a press conference regarding COVID. But, I found it on YouTube and we all watched The Talk, so it worked out.

Steve Burton On Maurice Benard

Your longtime close friend and co-superstar Maurice Benard (Sonny) didn’t put his name up for nomination this year – but, do you wish he was right up there in that category alongside you?

Yes! I mean, look at the work that Maurice did last year! And this year, already. I don’t know why, what his vision was, for not putting himself in. But I know, and you know, Maurice should definitely be in there. I know one thing – next year, I won’t let him not put himself in, because he has done some amazing acting with such great material.

And what actor friends of yours did you hear from?

Oh, gosh, I think everybody texted me! You know, Maurice, obviously Bradford Anderson [Spinelli], Laura Wright [Carly], Michael Knight [Martin], Finola Hughes [Anna], Maura West [Ava], Eden McCoy [Josslyn] – everyone.

It’s interesting that the nominations came out the very day after the two of you had excellent scenes – many people insisting perhaps your best scenes EVER on GH.

Yeah, it was cool to see everybody respond to those scenes that Maurice and I did, which was very nice. You know, it felt like we were back in the old days when we first started working together. They were really great – and emotional – scenes. And, it was fun to work with Maurice and it was just very rewarding. Everything just worked that day! And it was the response from the fans that actually made me watch the show, so it was cool. I watched it with my wife and I thought that show was so cool – just great.

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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