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General Hospital Spoilers: Will Anna Find Tracy in Time?!

General Hospital spoilersGeneral Hospital spoilers

General Hospital Daily Spoilers Update

Brand-new General Hospital spoilers for Friday, September 30 promise heart-pounding fear as Anna races to locate Paul just as he prepares to kill Tracy. Pop some popcorn and get ready for some edge-of-your-seat drama!

Manhunt Begins
While Jordan (Vinessa Antoine) may be twiddling her thumbs, wondering if there’s enough evidence against Paul, Anna springs into action. Her first priority is to find Paul and make sure this ends as soon as possible before anyone else is murdered. She hunts down his son, Dillon (Robert Palmer Watkins), and grills him about where his father is. It seems like he might be able to help, because spoilers reveal Dillon has an emotional confrontation. Here’s hoping it’s with his father – before he kills his mother.

Meanwhile, alone with Paul (Richard Burgi), a scared Tracy (Jane Elliot) manages to keep her cool as she tries to talk her way out of being strangled. She realizes that Paul is nuts, so it makes it a little more difficult to reason with him. For his part, he tells Tracy that his only move is to shut her up. He knows that otherwise she will rat him out to the cops in order to save Monica (Leslie Charleson), who is next on his list to kill. Will Tracy be able to stall him long enough for help to arrive?

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Problem Solver
Jason (Billy Miller) visits Sonny (Maurice Benard) just like Sam wanted and tell him he has a solution to his Julian problem – and we’re not sure what comes next was part of Sam’s plan. We just know Sonny makes a promise to Jason. Sam (Kelly Monaco) makes her intentions clear when she goes to visit her father. She tells Julian (William deVry) that if he stays in Port Charles, he’s going to die. Will he listen to her?

Downward Spiral
Morgan (Bryan Craig), still unknowingly off his meds, finds himself in hot water. He makes an important call, asking for help. Here’s hoping he called Andre (Anthony Montgomery) so he can start getting some answers. Meanwhile, Ava (Maura West) talks to Carly, asking about Morgan. Carly (Laura Wright) lets Ava know that nothing about Morgan is any of her business. Later, spoilers reveal that Ava and Carly find common ground. Could it be they each have someone they want to keep alive in the upcoming battle of the bastards?

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