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What Will Become of Sonny Now on General Hospital?


The unthinkable has happened to mob kingpin Sonny Corinthos on General Hospital.

After the justice system let him down and allowed Julian Jerome to walk on all charges, Sonny couldn’t afford to look weak and ordered a hit on his nemesis. After a long talk with Griffin (Matt Cohen), Sonny had a change of heart and called it off – but he was too late and Morgan was killed. The mobster now has to live with the guilt that his thirst for vengeance cost him the life of his and Carly’s beloved son. Soap Hub asked what you think will happen to him now.

Downward Spiral
After almost 3,500 votes were tallied, 69% of you believe Sonny will suffer a breakdown after losing Morgan. How could he not after realizing his mobster ways got his son killed? Carly (Laura Wright) begged him to leave Julian alone and not invite more violence into their lives. He went against her wishes and did it anyway – and it cost them their son. That kind of guilt would bury anyone, especially someone as devoted to family as he is.

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Vengeance Will Be His
It seems that 20% of you believe this will change nothing, and Sonny (Maurice Benard) will continue to seek revenge against Julian. In fact, it will be so much worse now that he will probably blame him for Morgan’s death. Plus, a botched assassination will make him even more vulnerable. He’ll have to try again just to save face in front of the Five Families.

Turn the Other Cheek
An optimistic 11% of you believe that Sonny will keep revenge plans on hold against Julian (William deVry). You think he will realize that Griffin was right – he shouldn’t play God and since he just did — and paid an unbelievably steep price for it – he has learned his lesson.

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