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General Hospital Scrip: Elizabeth Needs Help…But So Does Finn

General Hospital Finn and ElizabethGeneral Hospital Finn and Elizabeth

General Hospital has made it perfectly clear that something from her past is haunting Elizabeth Webber and she has become a danger to herself and others. Then, perhaps not intentionally, GH has also made it perfectly clear that Hamilton Finn is not who she needs in her life to solve her problems.

General Hospital: Elizabeth Has A Trigger

It should be obvious to Finn (Michael Easton) by now that whenever anyone — including himself — mentions Elizabeth’s (Rebecca Herbst) parents or family, she becomes triggered and seems to go into a fugue state. Sometimes, she even switches personalities before we can blink, meaning she definitely should not have checked herself out of Shadybrooke so soon.

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Just this year, she has burnt down Franco Baldwin’s (Roger Howarth) studio, assaulted Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard), made herself bleed by squeezing and shattering a blood collection vial, and imagined throwing herself down a flight of stairs. Yes, Elizabeth needs Kevin Collins (Jon Lindstrom), but does she really need Finn?

Finn Could Use Kevin Collins Too

For some reason, after maybe having one date off-screen at GH’s trivia night, Finn decided he is in love with Elizabeth, and he needs to be her protector no matter how many times she has asked him to stay away and mind his own business on certain matters.

He belittled her when she thought her problems were caused by Franco’s ghost, thought he knew better when she chose to check into Shadybrook, visited her when she explicitly asked her not to, and now put in a call to a member of her family when she made it clear that is not what she wants.

General Hospital: Boundaries

Who is Finn to decide all these things for Elizabeth, confront and accuse her children without her say, and invade her life as if he knows all and she is just a fragile woman who has no ability to think for herself? While this may have been romantic in the 1980s, it is not romantic now, and instead, it’s downright alarming and creepy and not what a modern soap romance should be made of.

In addition, Finn has had his own mental health problems in the past and arrived in town shooting up drugs, as he was addicted to a chemical he was using to create a cure for the rare disease that claimed his first wife’s life.

For someone who has felt grief and gone through his own time confronting demons in his life, he sure isn’t understanding about Elizabeth doing the same. Instead, he insists this woman who lost her husband not much more than a year ago be the latest love of his life.

GH Needs To Fix This

Something has to give here. There was no reason to ruin Hamilton Finn for a pairing that was ill-conceived and not working from the start. Even if his emotionally abusive tendencies were unintended, they are there now and need to be addressed. If they are not, the show can’t expect the majority of fans to get behind a love story where we see nothing but mansplaining, misogyny, and blatant disrespect for a woman’s wishes.

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