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Tracy’s Last General Hospital (GH) Stand–Was It Worth it?

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Actress Jane Elliot’s decision to retire paved the way for her final episode of General Hospital (GH) as the incomparable Tracy Quartermaine.

Family and friends, including Ned (Wally Kurth), Monica (Leslie Charleson), and Dillon (Robert Palmer Watkins), gathered at the Q mansion as Tracy explained she was leaving town and bid them all goodbye over pizza.

After all, it is a Quartermaine tradition. Then, she departed Port Charles to sell the portrait her father left her for a cool $60 million and begin her new life abroad.

The episode ended with Tracy entering a small European café for a cup of coffee, where she came face-to-face with her ex-husband Luke (Anthony Geary). How did fans rate Tracy’s swan song? There were more ‘yays’ than ‘nays.’ Here’s what you had to say.

Yes, It Was Fabulous
The overwhelming majority of GH viewers, some 83%, absolutely loved Tracy’s exit. It was filled with fun banter, a few tears, and lots of hugs.

What stood out were Tracy’s poignant goodbyes to Monica and her sons Ned and Dillon, as well as her accepting Olivia (Lisa LoCicero) into the fold as Ned’s soon-to-be wife.

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Tracy’s scenes with Lulu (Emme Rylan) were touching, too, particularly when she asked her stepdaughter and Laura (Genie Francis) to look out for each other moving forward.

The highlight of it all was Tracy running into Luke in the very last scene, leaving viewers to believe that the estranged pair might finally find happiness together again.

No, You Wanted More
Meanwhile, 17% of you wanted more. You thought Tracy deserved a splashier exit plot and found the whole painting twist kind of lame. While her goodbyes with family and friends were touching, you would have liked to see more flashbacks.

And while Tracy running into Luke at the end was nice, you would have liked a spoken scene between them that let you know they were giving things another try. That would have wrapped up everything perfectly.

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