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General Hospital Recap: Showdown On The Pier

General Hospital Recap December 30 2020General Hospital Recap December 30 2020

The General Hospital recap for Wednesday, December 30, 2020, features Cyrus and Jason getting their guns out, Carly ejecting herself — and a mother — into the battle, and Alexis getting help from multiple sources.

General Hospital Recap Highlights

Cyrus (Jeff Kober) and Jason (Steve Burton) rendezvoused at Pier 55 and the latter attempted to extend the hand of friendship…or, at the very least, a pitch for what he believed would be a mutually beneficial arrangement.

But Jason wasn’t interested in doing anything that might upset the balance and displease Sonny (Maurice Benard) when he makes his inevitable and triumphant return. And it was a decision that weighed heavy on Cyrus. Especially since he had been sure that Jason would be a more reasonable man than his employer.

Harsh words were exchanged, Jason confessed to murdering a Renault lackey, and weapons were drawn. Brando’s (Jonny Wactor) appearance plus an assist from Carly (Laura Wright) and her heavily-armed posse resulted in a draw and humiliation for Cyrus.

He stalked off to the Metro Court to lick his wounds and ran into sister dearest. Laura (Genie Francis) made a big show of voicing concern for Cyrus’s well being, then asked him to form a “healthy and safety” committee with her. After all, aren’t they both concerned with the well-being of every single Port Charles citizen?

Meanwhile, Jason admonished Carly for involving herself in his affairs. Doesn’t she know that if she had been injured or captured it would break his heart and leave him desolate?

Have no fear, Carly insisted. Thanks to an earlier conversation with Laura, she now knows exactly how to neutralize Cyrus: target his beloved mother!

A Friend (And Former Lover) In Need

Over at Rice Plaza, a completely-soused and injured Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) interrupted Finn (Michael Easton) and Gregory’s (Gregory Harrison) bonding session. Finn spirited Alexis away to GH for a check-up, stitches, and bandaging, then followed her direction and called Ned (Wally Kurth) to collect her.

That didn’t exactly sit well with scheme queen Tracy (Jane Elliot) who’d just swallowed a good chunk of her pride in order to praise Ned and Olivia’s (Lisa LoCicero) marriage. But scamper to Alexis’s side Ned did…and he was followed close behind by Olivia.

Surely Alexis would prefer a girlfriend in her time of need rather than a man who doesn’t understand deep-felt emotions…right? General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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