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General Hospital Recap: Nina Realizes She’s Gone Too Far With Sonny

General Hospital Recap for May 26, 2021

The General Hospital recap for Wednesday, May 26, 2021, features heroes – or hero- adjacent vigilantes – taking down some wrong’uns, an innocent caught in the crossfire, and a not-so-great escape.

General Hospital Recap Highlight

Elijah’s (Dan White) manhandling of Nina (Cynthia Watros) was brought to a swift end by “Mike” (Maurice Benard) and a handy tree branch. Officer Get-Nothing-Right didn’t seem too enthused at taking the actual baddie into custody – he’d much rather have arrested “Mike” for breathing – but arrest Elijah he did.

And after debating on how to celebrate their victory, “Mike” and Nina wound up sharing a smooch! The whole exercise rightfully weirded Nina out, and she headed for the hills at the first opportunity.

Power Play

Cyrus (Jeff Kober) may have failed in his bid to murder Brando (Johnny Wactor) and Gladys (Bonnie Burroughs) – thanks for those goons hired by Carly (Laura Wright) – but he didn’t succeed in getting his hands on a precious Corinthos family asset: Spinelli (Bradford Anderson).

Bad Rx

Maxie (Kirsten Storms) was not in the least bit pleased to learn that she’d been drugged and kidnapped by her naughty nurse nanny – whose name definitely wasn’t Chloe. Nurse Whatshername (Kimberly J. Brown), for her part, wasn’t worried in the least about keeping her patient under thumb…which is probably what made her getting a face full of piping hot tea all the more satisfying. You go, Maxie! Show that Lifetime movie villain reject who’s boss!

Romance Report

Britt (Kelly Thiebaud) and Jason (Steve Burton) had no intention of letting a little thing like his bullet wound get in the way of their lovemaking. Afterward, Britt got the wrong end of the stick and thought Jason intended to walk away from her, but once he was able to get a word in, Jason assured her the opposite was true.

Guest Relations

Over at the Quartermaine mansion, Chase (Josh Swickard) and Michael (Chad Duell) had an awkward conversation about Willow; Michael and Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) had an awkward conversation about Willow and Chase; and things were mega awkward between Chase and Willow, though only the latter was painfully aware of the fact.

But perhaps most awkward of all was Yuri’s realization that he’d been played by Brook Lynn, for the umpteenth time, and that she was now in the wind. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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