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General Hospital Recap: Madeline Has A BIG Confession!

General Hospital RecapGeneral Hospital Recap

The General Hospital recap for Monday, August 20  features a day of shocking revelations in Port Charles.

Nina’s Surprise Daughter
Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) agreed to get Nora Buchanan to represent Madeline  (Donna Mills) before the parole board if she spilled what really happened to Nina’s pregnancy.

Madeline admitted, that yes, the baby survived Nina’s coma and she then revealed that she brokered the baby for adoption. Even though it was an anonymous adoption, she knew how to track down Nina’s baby.

However, she wouldn’t reveal anything to Valentin unless Nora Buchanan could secure her release. Valentin refused, reminding her that he’s done more with less, and stormed off.

Sonny Came Clean
While bonding over the stress of Mike’s worsening condition, Sonny (Maurice Benard) came clean to Carly (Laura Wright) about the body in Croton. Carly could tell Sonny is scared, but knows he’s been through worse.

Margaux Kissed Drew
Margaux (Elizabeth Hendrickson) kissed Drew (Billy Miller) out of nowhere, but he initially rebuffed her advances, claiming that this was all a part of her scheme to get to Jason and, ultimately, Sonny.

Margaux said she was interested in Drew, and Drew admitted that while he was interested in her, he wasn’t interested in helping her with any case.

Brad and Lucas Fight for Wiley
Alexis (Nancy Grahn) informed Brad and Lucas that it was unlikely the judge would find in favor of Wiley’s birth mother. Brad stormed off to Charlie’s and asked Julian (William deVry) for help while rambling about going to jail. When Julian pressed for more details, Lucas appeared and Brad didn’t know what to say.

Peter Staffed The Invader
Peter wanted to poach Maxie but Nina made her the creative director of Crimson. Later, Lulu confronted Peter about how he knew The Invader was sold. Peter said he simply bought it. He then tried to also get Lulu to work for him.

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