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General Hospital Recap: Hayden Had A Close Call With Finn

General Hospital RecapGeneral Hospital Recap

The General Hospital recap for Thursday, August 29 features an impromptu date between Neil and Alexis, a deal brokered between Curtis and Satan’s emissary Valentin, and a close call for Hayden.

At Charlie’s, Molly (Haley Pullos) playfully teased her mom for looking at Neil’s (Joe Flanigan) dating profile. Later, Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) was surprised by the man himself and they played “Getting to Know You” over club sodas.

Neil became flirty and the two decided to schedule another “get together” very soon — but don’t call it a date just yet.

Curtis (Donnell Turner) initially turned down Valentin’s (James Patrick Stuart) offer to track down, capture, and deliver Cassandra. It was hard to say no to the $5 million on offer but Curtis has principles.

Well, make that HAD principles. When Jordan revealed that their insurance would not be paying the majority of her hospital bills, Curtis — having just been fired by Jax (Ingo Rademacher) for being a double agent — had no choice but to call Valentin and accept his deal.

TJ (Tajh Bellow) remained suspicious about the relative that the Genealogy website told Stella was living in Port Charles. As a doctor-in-training he knows that a mistake like confusing a PC resident with one living overseas just isn’t possible.

He shared his worries with Jordan (Briana Nicole Henry) and Molly and he vowed to get to the bottom of what is going on.

Finn (Michael Easton) caught Hayden (Rebecca Budig) with a finger-painting created by her daughter but she is able to cover and claim Aiden made it. She even managed a story when Finn thought Aiden might be too old for fingerpainting.

Robert (Tristian Rogers) later took Finn aside and explained that Michael (Chad Duell) recalled Cassandra taking a medication called Betaferremax that’s banned in the U.S. He wondered if  Finn knew where she would be filling her prescription.

It was just a guess but Finn was sure Bolivia is Robert’s best bet. Is it possible that they finally have a lead on the madwoman’s whereabouts? General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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