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Fault Spot: Should Curtis Blame Drew For Jordan’s Kidney Crisis on General Hospital?

Curtis and Drew General Hospital March 7Curtis and Drew General Hospital

On General Hospital, Jordan just had her long-awaited kidney transplant after the car accident Drew caused when he temporarily went blind behind the wheel.

Ryan (Jon Lindstrom) turned out to be a perfect match, but the knife Ava (Maura West) planted in his back left him with his own life or death issues — plus, he’s not exactly the generous type. (That’s ok, some conspirators had a plan for that.)

Curtis (Donell Turner) has been crying and praying for weeks. But, do fans want to see a little more anger on his part…turned Drew’s (Billy Miller) way? What almost 9,000 voters had to say:

Fault Less
It wasn’t Drew’s fault, 81% of you continue to insist! It’s not like he was driving drunk or texting. Sure, he wasn’t looking where he was going. But that’s because he suddenly went BLIND.

He was the victim of a horrific experiment, and Drew is just as much of a casualty in this situation as Jordan (Briana Nicole Henry). Curtis is right not to blame his friend. Especially when Drew has just been through a tragedy of his own with the death of Drew and Kim (Tamra Braun) son, Oscar (Garren Stitt).

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Now is not the time for Curtis to dump his issues on Drew. At least Jordan is still alive and all’s well that ends well, right?

Fault More
It may not be logical for Curtis to blame Drew, but it is human, and 19% of the audience find it odd that Curtis seems to have moved past it so quickly. Sure, Oscar’s death is a factor, but who can be rational at a time like this?

Curtis should be acting like a desperate man in love, not a polite dinner guest. Let Drew have it! Uhm…as soon as he and Kim get back from the mountain, scattering Oscar’s ashes. He’ll be all over his grief by then, right?

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