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General Hospital Recap: Goodbye Julian Jerome…We Think

General Hospital Recap December 18 2020General Hospital Recap December 18 2020

The General Hospital recap for Friday, December 18, 2020, features Julian and Sonny taking a plunge, Jason being vindicated, Laura getting Cyrus and Martin’s backstory, and Curtis letting Jordan have it with both barrels.

General Hospital Recap Highlights

An armed Sonny (Maurice Benard) cornered Julian (William deVry) on a footbridge and offered him a choice: he could return to Port Charles and testify against Cyrus (Jeff Kober) or he’d be allowed to die from his injuries.

Julian decried his fate and continued to make excuse after excuse. Then he seemingly passed out from blood loss. Sonny set his gun aside and made a move to check his enemy’s pulse…then Julian made his move.

A fierce struggle broke out, and Sonny wound up putting yet another bullet into Julian’s gut! The grievously injured man attempted to stagger away, a coward to the very end. He finally collapsed at the end of the rickety bridge, prompting Sonny to again check his pulse.

Meanwhile, back at the bus depot turned crime scene, Jason (Steve Burton) submitted to an arriving patrol officer and requested that his lawyer be called. Diane (Carolyn Hennesy) made a hasty journey to her client’s side (she happened to be right near New Jersey) and helped him verify that he had merely fired upon a man who had been attempting to kill him.

Once the satisfied policeman freed him, Jason took off in search of Sonny. And he found him, seconds before the section of bridge he and Julian were occupying gave way and crashed into the water below!

Family Reunion

Over in Vermont, Cyrus took great delight in revealing that he, Martin (Michael E. Knight), and Laura (Genie Francis) had all been sired by Gordon Grey. And while Laura attempted to process that truth, Martin added yet another wrinkle to the story by claiming that Cyrus had purposefully murdered his father. Cyrus, in turn, blamed youthful ignorance, a lead foot, and a touchy car.

Marital Discord

Back in Port Charles, a frustrated Curtis (Donnell Turner) demanded some answers from Jordan (Briana Nicole Henry). Was that REALLY Marcus Taggert (Asante Jones) he just saw? How long had she known that her former partner was alive? And how in the world could she keep yet another secret from him?

Jordan insisted that she had only done so to protect her husband, but he called bull on that. And he chalked it up to just another facet of her life that she didn’t feel comfortable confiding in her husband. There is certainly trouble in paradise. General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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