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General Hospital Recap: Brad Had Quite A Tale To Tell

General Hospital RecapGeneral Hospital Recap

The General Hospital recap for Tuesday, September 10 features Brad continuing to run off at the mouth, a fed-up Elizabeth, more characters learning Drew’s fate and Carly being (shocker!) selfish, judgmental and an all-around terrible parent and hostess.

At Charlie’s, Brad (Parry Shen) continued to unburden himself by not only revealing that Liesl knows the secret about baby Wiley’s real parentage but he was the one who gave her a helping hand up and over The Haunted Star’s railing.

Julian (William deVry) was shocked –or was it impressed? — that Brad had nearly murdered his blackmailer. But he was even more flummoxed when Brad asked him to finish the job.

Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) ran into Kim (Tamara Braun) at General Hospital and took the opportunity to blast her for the kiss she shared with Franco (Roger Howarth). They stepped into Kim’s office where she tried to explain her reasoning for the incident but Elizabeth railed at her for feeding into Franco’s delusion and warned her to stay in her lane.

Meanwhile, Jason (Steve Burton) arrived at Dranco’s hotel room and informed him and Monica (Leslie Charleson) about Drew’s plane crash. Monica was devastated to have lost another person that she considered family and Jason escorted her back to the hospital.

There, he told Elizabeth the news and Dranco did the same for Kim when she arrived to tell him that there was absolutely no hope of her ever being with him.

At Casa Corinthos, Carly (Laura Wright) blamed Josslyn’s class skipping on Dev and insisted that he could no longer stay at the house because his presence was upsetting to her daughter.

The battle between the couple escalated to the point they brought up their past infidelities. Before the argument could go any further, Carly called a cease-fire and they talked about how much of their anger is actually fear for their unborn baby. However, Carly still wants Dev gone. General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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