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Mom and Pop Operation: Should Elizabeth’s Parents Visit General Hospital?

Elizabeth General HospitalElizabeth General Hospital

Elizabeth Webber is practically General Hospital royalty. Her dad was Jeff Webber, Heather’s ex-husband, and a pre-MacGyver Richard Dean Anderson.

Her grandfather was Steve Hardy, played by an original cast member, John Bernadino. (Audrey is technically Liz’s ‘Gram’ by marriage.)

But ever since the reformed hellion blew into Port Charles (smoking!), her dad and unnamed mom have been MIA. They didn’t visit when their daughter got raped. They didn’t come for any of her weddings, or the births of her children.

Aren’t they even interested in meeting Franco (Roger Howarth), or fussing over back-from-the-dead Jake? (Cam and Aiden are used to being ignored, unless they’re causing trouble or getting bullied at school.)

Do fans want a visit? What over 14,000 voters had to say:

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind
Who needs ’em, 56% shrug. Every monumental moment of Elizabeth’s (Rebecca Herbst) life, the good, the bad, the cheesy, managed to happen without either Jeff or Whatshername.

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If they didn’t come when their daughter was kidnapped, when she lost her son — or when she got him back — maybe they know something we don’t.

Such as that Liz is much better off without them. Even if they were to suddenly swoop down and wonder why their youngest child had chosen to wed a serial killer, they wouldn’t exactly have a moral leg to stand on.

Token Appearance
Show your faces, what are you afraid of, another 44% taunt. You do realize you’ve abandoned your kid and never looked back. That’s not the Jeff long-time fans remember.

That Jeff mourned the son Heather (Robin Mattson) told him had died. He bonded with Diana’s son, PJ, not knowing the tot was really his missing Steven Lars. He even took his virginal girlfriend Anne’s son, Jeremy, under his wing. So, what’s wrong with his own kid?

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