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General Hospital Recap: Andre Had Some Grim News

General Hospital RecapGeneral Hospital Recap

The General Hospital recap for Monday, September 9, 2019 features a major secret being revealed, tough love for Elizabeth, and an unsettling answer about Drew and the missing aircraft.

Brad (Parry Shen) — with Wiley in tow —  ran into Michael (Chad Duell) and Willow (Katelyn MacMullen) at General Hospital. During their conversation, Michael mentioned some comments that Liesl made earlier in the elevator which anger Brad. He left Wiley with Michael and Willow and makes a beeline for Julian (William deVry).

Later, Michael and Willow commented on the fact that Wiley resembles neither Shiloh nor Willow herself.

But apparently blond-haired Wiley is a dead ringer for flame-haired Michael when he was a baby — Oops, turns out GH is retconning that fact and now we’re told that Michael was a fair-headed tyke who resembled Winston Churchill. (We have photographic evidence this was NOT true, GH.)

At Charlie’s, Brad was rattled by Sonny’s appearance — as he appealed to “classless,” Julian to let Mike have his cache of old photographs. When Brad rambled on about Liesl’s little digs Julian told him to ignore the woman since she has nothing to do with Brad’s baby problem.

And that’s when Brad drops the bombshell: It was Liesl who delivered Wiley. But, Julian knows that Liesl was in a prison van that collided with Nelle Benson and Michael that same night. Quickly putting two and two together, Julian realized that Wiley is actually Michael’s biological son and that Brad has been harboring Sonny’s stolen grandbaby!

Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) arrived at Andre’s (Anthony Montgomery) bedside and asked the doctor if there was any way to reverse the memory mapping procedure done to Franco. Andre thinks there MIGHT be but there are risks.

He explained the four possible outcomes: Franco’s condition doesn’t change, he remembers his life as Franco, his memories of life as Drew Caine intensify, or he will be left in a permanent vegetative state.

At the police station, Jordan (Brianna Nicole Henry) and Curtis (Donnell Turner) were searching for answers concerning Drew and his disappearing plane. Jason (Steve Burton) and Sam (Kelly Monaco) arrived and Jordan informed them that the craft’s supposed pilot and co-pilot don’t actually exist.

The group tried to figure out how the attack on Andre and Drew’s disappearance was connected. Then Jordan received a phone call and had to be the bearer of bad news. Wreckage of Drew’s plane was found in the Gulf of Aiden and there is no sign of survivors! General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listing for airtimes.

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