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General Hospital Poll: Who’s The Baddest Mafia Man?

Sonny and Julian General HospitalSonny and Julian General Hospital

You’d think a tiny town in upstate New York where the most imposing structure is their General Hospital wouldn’t be a prime mobster battleground. But you’d be wrong.

Port Charles attracts mobsters, comic book villains, even aliens from other planets. Not to mention serial killers, con-artists, and cult leaders. But, who is the baddest man to walk those suburban mean streets? How 14,000 of you voted:

General Hospital Poll Results: Show Us Your Dimples!

A majority 88% of the audience voted for Sonny (Maurice Beanrd). He is so, so bad. He… uh… makes threats. And throws glassware. And takes children away from their biological parents either via court or meathook. Oh, yeah. You wouldn’t want to meet him in a dark alley. He is scary and menacing and nobody messes with him. Or else.

But he’s also loving and good and noble. He employs teen runaways and funds AIDS research and gives homes to Turkish orphans. Sonny is the best man in town!

But he’s also bad. Don’t anyone dare suggest otherwise! And as soon as we think of anything scary or menacing he’s done lately, we’ll let you know. But we’ll also tell you not to judge him. Because he’s a saint, too. He’s totes complicated.

Big Bad and Dangerous To Know

Only 12% of General Hospital fans voted for Julian (William DeVry). Sure, he runs a pub now. But he used to be a mobster, too. Not a good one, like a Sonny, but a bad one. Except not worse than Sonny.

See, it’s hard to explain. Julian is a worse person than Sonny, even though he hasn’t done as many bad things because that might suggest that Sonny isn’t the baddest.

On the other hand, Julian has done worse things, which is what makes him a worse person than Sonny, but not a badder mobster. Welcome to Port Charles! General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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