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General Hospital Poll Results: Time For Luke To Come Home?

Tony Geary on General HospitalTony Geary on General Hospital

General Hospital ran for over 15 years without Luke Spencer. Then there was another decade when both he and Laura (Genie Francis) were off-screen in Canada, raising Lucky (Jonathan Jackson).

When Anthony Geary left the show in 2015, he swore that it was definitely for the last time. Though he has since waffled a bit on those comments. (Maybe life in Amsterdam proved more expensive than he expected.)

Does GH need their favorite, curly-haired anti-hero back? What over 2,000 fans had to say about it:

General Hospital Polling: Can’t Live Without You

A majority 51% of you voted that Port Charles always needs Luke. Forget those years he wasn’t around. Plus, two of Luke’s ex-wives, Laura (Genie Francis) and Tracy (Jane Elliot) are on the canvas. (We’re not going to pretend like his daughter and grandchildren would be much of a draw. Forget all those years you watched of Luke loving being a dad. According to Geary, he was miserable the entire time.)

Pop Up

Maybe for a short visit, 32% of the audience qualifies. Too much Luke is… too much. And we have Franco (Roger Howarth) now to go completely off-script and leave the other actors in the scene with him to scramble for what their next line might be. But a brief arc with a beginning, middle, and end could be fun.

Luke Spencer? We’re Good

We don’t really miss him, the smallest faction, at 17% reports. In fact, it’s been kind of nice not having him hogging up the airtime. And Laura seems more relaxed now, not always looking over her shoulder and wondering what might be coming down the pike.

We realize it’s what kept her from realizing her husband had been replaced by his psycho twin brother, but that was a brief aberration. Plus, Lulu (Emme Rylan) has enough high-strung men to juggle, she doesn’t need her dad added to the list. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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