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General Hospital Poll Results: How Will Sonny React to Mike’s Death?

General Hospital Sonny and MikeGeneral Hospital Sonny and Mike

General Hospital fans know that there is only one answer to the title’s question: Sonny will react to Mike’s death the way Sonny reacts to all things – by throwing barware and blaming all his problems on someone else.

General Hospital Polling

But that wasn’t one of the poll options. So how do fans really think that Sonny Corinthos will handle the death of his beloved father? Here is how over 3,000 fans voted on the choices available:

Dis Comfort

Sonny (Maurice Benard) will be inconsolable, 54% of you fear. And you know what happens when Sonny is inconsolable. Yes, flying barware, yes, blaming others, but there is also the pouting, the sniffling, the shouting, the inability to understand why the world refuses to stop for his pain, and, of course, the cheating.

Sonny’s de facto response to pain is to find someone inappropriate to sleep with. He and Carly (Laura Wright) had sex after Michael was shot in the head. As one does. Who will his grief sex for Mike (Max Gail) involve?

Turn To Carly

A smaller 41% agree that sex is Sonny’s go-to, but you figure Carly will fit the bill. He will let her comfort him. He’s burned his bridges with too many other people. Carly is one of the few who still sees him the way Sonny sees himself. Most of the other women in town are aware of at least some of his crimes.

Distance Learning

Only 5% of the audience thinks Sonny will stick to his pattern of randomly blaming others by rejecting Carly. The one thing Sonny ever asked for was complete loyalty. So how dare Carly go and have concerns of her own when Sonny needed her on the spot?

And to be speaking to Jax (Ingo Rademacher) in Sonny’s time of need? Treason, that’s what it is! If Carly doesn’t have the decency to put her life on hold to minister to Sonny, she doesn’t deserve the privilege of his tears. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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