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Five Fast Facts About General Hospital’s Mike Corbin

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Mike is currently suffering due to Alzheimer’s on General Hospital, but here some fast facts about his past in case you don’t remember!

When Mike (Max Gail) came to Port Charles to live with his son, Sonny (Maurice Benard), it wasn’t his first time living in town. Here are some fast facts to refresh viewers about his past.

1. Haunted By His Past
Mike had left Sonny’s mother when Sonny was still young, thinking that Sonny would be better off.

But what he didn’t know was that the man Sonny’s mother would re-marry, a cop named Deke, ended up beating young Sonny and his mother, causing issues that would plague Sonny into adulthood.

2. It’s A Living
When Mike first came to Port Charles, Luke Spencer (Tony Geary) hired him as the maître d’ to work at the blues club he co-owned with Sonny. Sonny hated Mike for leaving him at the mercy of Deke and shunned his father, who wanted to make amends.

3. Road to Recovery
Eventually, the two men came to an understanding as Mike opened the bar/restaurant, The Recovery Room. When Carly gave birth to Michael, Jason (Steve Burton) named him after Sonny, who wasn’t in town at the time. He asked Mike to be the boy’s godfather.

4. Gamblers Not-So-Anonymous
Mike has always had a gambling problem and usually got Sonny or Jason to bail him out. One time he didn’t want to bother Sonny and went to a loan shark — who turned out to work for Sonny’s enemy.

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Carly tried to help but of course, the trouble doubled. She and Sonny had to marry so she couldn’t testify against him — and Mike disappeared.

5. Prodigal Daughter
Mike and woman named Janine had a fling in Vegas, so Sonny learned he had a sister, Courtney. But Mike had walked out on them too — only Jenine told Courtney her father died.

Sadly, it was Courtney who would eventually die — but first, she gave birth to Mike’s grandson, Spencer Cassadine.

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