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General Hospital Poll Results: Fans Plan Sam and Jason’s Future

General Hospital Sam and JasonGeneral Hospital Sam and Jason

At the present time, Sam and Jason are a bit stuck. She is on parole, which means she can’t be around a criminal like Jason (Steve Burton). But how can Sam (Kelly Monaco) stay away from a criminal like Jason?

General Hospital Polling

Why, that would be… criminal! So what should this stunning star-crossed couple do next? Soap Hub asked fans, who were happy to chime in with advice:

Saving the World

Sonny (Maurice Benard) got his prison term shortened because he rescued the governor’s daughter, and 66% of the audience would like to see Sam do the same thing. Save someone important and politically connected – don’t bother with anyone not politically connected, those people are unimportant and should be left to die – and get your parole ended early.

In fact, here’s a genius idea! Get Sonny and Jason to put someone in danger – they’re good at that – and then you sweep in — to the rescue! No, that’s not underhanded at all. Nothing is underhanded when it’s done in the name of reuniting with Jason.

Pregnant Pause

Sam should get pregnant by Jason – and then try to explain how she did it without getting anywhere near him, 18% of you suggest. Of course, no one could prove the baby was Jason’s, could they? She could get another man to step up. But would Jason’s manly manhood be able to stand such an insult?

Sam — Keep Your Distance

A slightly smaller 16% have a truly radical idea, though. How about if – now bear with us here, it’s so crazy it just might work – Sam actually keeps her distance from Jason for the duration of her parole? It’ll be so hard, no one else can fill a black T-shirt as well.

But do it for your kids, Sam. With a dad (and uncle) who rarely remembers they exist, they need a mom who is out of jail to pick them up from Grandma Monica’s. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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