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General Hospital Poll Results: Are You Team Anna Or Team Hayden?

General Hospital Anna and HaydenGeneral Hospital Anna and Hayden

The revelation that Hayden (Rebecca Budig) had not only given birth to a healthy baby girl but was keeping her squirreled away from friends and family was, to quote Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst), “one hell of a surprise.” While Elizabeth took the news pretty well, Finn (Michael Easton) — the little girl’s father — was a different story.

General Hospital Poll Results

Though he was able to check his anger, Finn was at a loss for one good reason to explain why Hayden had kept him from Violet. What it all boiled down to in the end — the duo realized — was that Hayden had kept the truth to herself because she was jealous Finn had moved on with Anna.

Trouble is, Anna hasn’t been around for a while — don’t you just hate when you’ve got to drop everything and chase your errant identical twin? – and Finn is staring a ready-made family in the face. A family that he could probably join at any minute as it doesn’t seem like Hayden would mind.

But would viewers mind the possibility of a Finn/Hayden reunion? Or are they so 2017? Soap Hub wanted to know which lady you thought had the most heat with Finn and which coupling do you want to see persevere. Below are the results following 10,000 votes.


Well over half of you — 60% to be exact — think that the only lady that Finn pops, sizzles, and cracks with is Hayden. Now, the first stab at coupledom didn’t end well. And yes, Hayden broke Finn’s heart. But after all this time, Roxy has healed what she can and now it’s Hayden’s turn to help fix her man.


Following close behind — with 40% of the votes — are the Finn/Anna lovers. You feel that there’s something special and beautiful between these two souls and you don’t want to see Hayden or Violet come between them.

And sure, Anna may not be here now but as soon as Alex is found — and actress Finola Hughes returns from her vacation — this pair will face the challenge head-on and come out the other side all the closer for it. General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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