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Are General Hospital Fans ‘Fayden’ On Finn and Hayden?

Hayden and Finn on General HospitalHayden and Finn on General Hospital

Hayden is back on General Hospital. Why? We don’t know for whom. We don’t know where the baby she was carrying when she left Port Charles ended up. Shrug?

Meanwhile, Anna is out of town while actress Finola Hughes takes her annual summer vacation. And Finn (Michael Easton) is all by his lonesome. Should this couple reunite? How over 12,000 fans feel about the possibility:

Never Again
Never again, 75% of the audience asks nicely. It wouldn’t be fair to Anna. Plus… how can we say this nicely… nobody cares. Finn and Hayden (Rebecca Budig) are still relative newcomers to Port Charles. (Though Finn does look suspiciously like two other guys who passed through… and didn’t make much of an impression, either.) We’re still not sure why we’re supposed to care about either of them, together or apart.

Their grand love story the last time Hayden was in town proved to be kind of a snooze. Nobody is really excited for a rerun. Then again, if they were to reunite and leave town together, there’s something three-fourths of the viewers could get behind.

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Take Two
Only 25% of you are itching for Finn and Hayden to get back together. Though it isn’t clear whether that’s because you truly dig the couple…or simply because you want Finn as far away from Anna as possible, as soon as possible.

You didn’t think it was possible, but sleepy-eyed Finn somehow managed go drain Anna of her usual energy and whim. You know, how she gets whenever Robert (Tristan Rogers) is around. Yeah, that’s the opposite of how she is with Finn.

Now, maybe he has the same effect on Hayden, but we don’t know what she was like before, so it’s not as jarring. Finn and Hayden 4-Evah! General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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