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Does General Hospital Have A Plan For Michael and Nelle?


Since the moment Nelle arrived in Port Charles, she seemed geared to become embroiled with Michael one way or the other. He’s the one who opened the door the night of Bobbie’s birthday party, and also convinced her to stick around town. With General Hospital making Michael suddenly single, we wonder if something else might be going on.

Nelle now seems to be Michael’s best friend and one of his greatest comforts after the death of Sabrina. Soap Hub asked if you think they’ll become the next hot couple of if the writers might have another story in mind.

Out of about 4,000 votes, 51% of you see the chemistry between Chad Duell and Chloe Lanier–and also see the writing on the wall. GH is putting these two actors together every chance they get and that can only mean one thing–that Michael is going to move on from Sabrina (Teresa Castillo) super fast.

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A smaller 39% don’t see this story heading that way at all. You feel Nelle’s resemblance to a young Pat Spencer is not a coincidence and that the young woman is somehow related to Carly. If so, with Michael being Carly’s (Laura Wright) son, a romance is impossible. Also, some of you just don’t want Michael moving on so soon.

The final 11% aren’t sure what will happen. The show has ignored Nelle’s Spencer resemblance so far, so it could be a coincidence. Or, Nelle and Michael could end up closer than we think for reasons other than romance.

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