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Do You Think Paul Will Let Ava Live on GH? Fans Weigh In.

General Hospital stars Maura West and Richard BurgiGeneral Hospital stars Maura West and Richard Burgi

Since Ava discovered Paul is the General Hospital syringe-wielding killer, she’s been holding it over his head and forcing him to do her bidding.

Some might say that Ava (Maura West) is playing with fire–because she is. She knows Paul is a murderer, but hasn’t turned him in to the cops. Instead, she blackmailed the Port Charles DA to throw the case against Julian that ultimately set him free. Now that she’s done with him, Ava’s implored Paul to cut his losses and leave town. Will he heed her advice or decide to make Ava his next victim?

Buh-Bye Ava
Since Paul (Richard Burgi) has a penchant for killing, 56% of you believe he definitely will attempt to off Ava. Letting her live isn’t an option. Paul doesn’t want her controlling his life and dictating his every move. Since he has no plans to leave town and can’t coexist with her, there’s no other resolution. Suffice it to say, Ava’s a goner!

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Dangerous Liaisons
She’s a murderer. He’s a multiple murderer. Paul and Ava are two of a kind with a sexually charged past. For that reason, 35% of you think that Paul will let Ava live, if she continues to keeps quiet and crawls back into his bed. Add to that, her dangerous brother Julian (William deVry) is out of prison now and has her back, you think she’s pretty safe.

The Wild Card
The remaining 9% of fans can’t venture a guess about this one. Paul is a wild card who’s impossible to predict. One minute, he’s a caring dad for Dillon (Robert Palmer Watkins). The next minute, he’s a cold, calculating killer. He could keep Ava around as a plaything or just as easily murder her.

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