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The General Hospital Oscar Mystery: WILD Dad Theory Coming Up

Oscar and Other Jason General HospitalOscar and Other Jason General Hospital

Why this sweet kid named Oscar has captured the imaginations of General Hospital (GH) fans to such an extent, we’ll never know. Perhaps it’s his innocent nature, his adorable voice, and his genuine sincerity.

But, it seems everyone just HAS to know who his father is. We’ve pretty much deduced his mother will be played by Tamara Braun, as we saw her in the Corinthos living room in the GH promo, she debuts during the Thanksgiving episode, and Oscar and mom have been invited to Casa Corinthos for Turkey Day.

It will be fun enough to see Carly and Carly (as Braun was once Carly) as the parents of two dating teens, but now there’s a social media theory that Oscar’s dad is not the man named Oscar the two kids found on Thursday, but instead…the other Jason.

And in this case, the other Jason would be the one we call Chatty Jason played by Billy Miller. Assuming Original Jason is indeed Jason Morgan, we know there was something Billy Miller’s character was doing until 2014 when he showed up in Port Charles.

Soap Hub thinks he is really Jason Quartermaine and disappeared after a 1996 car accident, and if that is so, was he busy out on the West Coast and beyond for 18 years?

If Oscar’s dad was indeed in Iraq, then perhaps it makes sense that Helena called Chatty Jason ‘Soldier Boy’ when he was under her mind control. It would also explain how he’s so damn good with a weapon, as soldiers better know how to use a gun.

And, if he is Oscar’s dad, will Oscar’s mom then see Original Jason and think he is the man who left her pregnant all those years ago, considering that Chatty Jason would have looked like Original Jason then?

Yes, this is only a theory, but it sure would complicate things and make it all much more interesting than a random kid fathered by a random guy.

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