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Why General Hospital Needs Avery Every Day

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It’s official. Whenever Ava and Grace Scarola appear as Avery Corinthos on General Hospital, they steal the show. Today, they stole the month.

With so much gloom and doom surrounding two deaths in two months (Sabrina and Morgan), Sonny (Maurice Benard) contemplating suicide and Alexis’s descent into alcoholism.

Let’s not forget creepy Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) walking free and raising a kid, an old rapist back in town, Hayden contracting Finn’s seemingly fatal disease, among other things–seeing this little girl rising above it all living a happy-go-lucky life is refreshing.

Sure, her mother is a sociopath who stole her brother’s bipolar meds, leading him to a manic episode that led to his death. And, of course, her father is a bipolar crime lord now under house arrest, and her uncle held a dagger to his wife’s neck earlier this year–but don’t tell Avery.

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She just wants to enjoy life and grab that larger end of the wishbone on Thanksgiving so all her 2-year-old dreams can come true.
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What’s so genius about having the same twins play Avery since she was an infant is that both are so comfortable on the set and with the cast that they just mesh right into each scene.

They don’t seem like little deer caught in the headlights, as so many soap toddlers do. Instead, she’s part of the family and just goes with the flow.

We’re sure her lines weren’t scripted today, but whichever twin played her couldn’t have been more natural. Hayley Erin walks…continue reading on the next page —>


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