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General Hospital, Did You Officially Jump The Shark?

Julian and Alexis on General HospitalJulian and Alexis on General Hospital

With Epiphany staring at Steve Hardy’s picture and apologizing in Tuesday’s General Hospital preview, we have to wonder if the hospital is about to shut down. And, if it does, why not? Doctors haven’t run this show in a LONG time. Criminals have, and today we learned, when a woman is abused in Port Charles, her word means nothing.

Yes, Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) seemed off during her testimony, but how would any woman seem when relaying that her husband had a dagger to her neck threatening to kill her? She may have not told the story as Alexis would if in a basic law school class, but it was still pretty clear what happened.

She even had a witness. Yes, the witness is a known criminal, but since when should that matter in the U.S. justice system? Criminals testify all the time and juries don’t decide without evidence that the testimony means nothing.

Yet still, Julian (William deVry) walks–just one week after another strong woman on the show was strangled in a brutal murder scene. And, strangled by the same person who purposely botched the case against Julian to save his own hide.

Does Paul (Richard Burgi) have that much power over Port Charles? He lets a murdering spousal abuser walk, kills off random patients (and Sabrina), and singlehandedly gets the hospital shut down? Of course, he has no power over Ava, another murderer who walks free like it’s nothing.

We know Julian isn’t the first criminal to walk free in PC and he won’t be the last, but it’s all become too much. Alexis Davis, one of the strongest female characters ever on daytime has been reduced to a blithering mess. Her violent husband walks free. A nurse is killed for no reason, and now we have to wonder if GH intends to one day have Alexis forgive her lunatic spouse. If the show hasn’t jumped the show yet, it will if that happens.

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