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Fans Pick A Man For Anna On General Hospital (GH)

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Anna has been pretty much “all work and no play” on General Hospital (GH), since her beloved Duke’s death.

Well, that is, except for a one-night stand with Kyle Sloane. Nevertheless, the WSB super spy is seriously overdue for a new love interest. Anna (Finola Hughes) is too fiery and fabulous to spend the rest of her life without a steady man in it.

There are a couple of possibilities among the Port Charles set; from her ex, Robert (Tristan Rogers), to her good friend, Andre (Anthony Montgomery), to her former nemesis Valentine.

Which one of the three is the best match for Anna? Soap Hub asked, and GH fans responded.

No surprise here. The majority of fans, some 67%, chose Robert. He and Anna share a passionate past and a daughter, Robin (Kimberly McCullough).

Plus, there’s their WSB connection. In many ways, the pair are two of a kind – both vastly driven and take charge. Their energies are a perfect match.

Some 20% of you like the special friendship Anna has with Andre and would like to see that develop into something more. They started out as patient and psychiatrist, but soon became each other’s trusted confidante.

Now that Andre has ended things with Jordan, he’s free to pursue things with Anna. And you’re hoping he does.

Meanwhile, 12% of you are intrigued by Anna’s love-hate relationship with Valentin (James Patrick Stuart). It started out as a complex mystery with Valentin seemingly having a vendetta against this woman from his past.

But as the story has unfolded, it’s clear Valentin actually had and still has real feelings for Anna. You’d like to see Valentin act on them, if for no other reason than to see the fireworks when Nina finds out.

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