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General Hospital Love Connection: Men To Heal Liz’s Broken Heart

General Hospital ElizabethGeneral Hospital Elizabeth

General Hospital’s Franco has been dead for minutes now. According to the soap opera code, it’s time for Liz to find a new love. It can be someone old, it can be someone new, but it has to be someone. No exceptions, them’s the rules.

General Hospital: Finn the Nick of Time

Sure does look like the show is pushing Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) in Finn’s (Michael Easton) direction, doesn’t it? We can see why. She likes them dark and grouchy. There was Lucky (Jonathan Jackson), who, back in the day, was all sweetness and light with his first love – but then had to go off into the world to fight those danged Spencer demons.

There was Jason (Steve Burton), who kills people for a living and adopts one facial expression to cover up all the pain he says he is hiding inside. And there was Franco (Roger Howarth), who used to kill people for a hobby, but then got over it. Though there was still the incident with the dude he locked in a cage.

Finn Right In

So what we are saying is, Finn is an excellent fit for her. He is heartbroken over the split with Anna (Finola Hughes) and learning that he is Chase’s (Josh Swickard) biological father (at least he thinks so, courtesy of Cyrus). He’ll have plenty to brood to Liz about!

The Usual Suspects

Sure, Liz could take a dip back into her past romantic pool, with the aforementioned Lucky and Jason – heck, let’s even throw Nikolas (Marcus Coloma) in there. But, of course, the big question is who Roger Howarth will end up playing when he returns.

If it’s Franco, well, game over. But if it’s somebody else, someone we’ve never met before, then Liz can have the best of both worlds. Just as long as he keeps on brooding. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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