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General Hospital: You Know A Soap Is Good When You Scream At Your TV

Monica and Jason General HospitalMonica and Jason General Hospital

For this longtime soap viewer (and we’re talking decades here), it’s been years since screaming at the TV existed as a pastime, but Wednesday’s General Hospital (GH) Thanksgiving episode brought that “hobby” back.

It was during that absolutely beautiful scene between Leslie Charleson and Billy Miller. Although his face is different, you could have gone back 20+ years and watched that play out between Charleson and Steve Burton, but he was playing a very different person then–Jason Quartermaine.

Yes, this writer instinctually found herself yelling at the TV, “MONICA, he’s JASON. He’s YOUR Jason.” Of course, he wonders if he’s really him forming such a relationship with his mother. He IS really him, just not the him he thinks he is. And if that’s too confusing, let us refresh.

Soap Hub is convinced a switch took place in 1996 after a drunken AJ drove that car into a tree and Drew Moore took Jason Quartermaine’s place, with no memories and taking the name Jason Morgan since the entire family insisted his first name was Jason and he needed to separate himself  from them and take Lila’s maiden name.

So, to Jason Morgan, the man with Steve Burton’s face–it IS just a name and nothing more. To Billy Miller, Jason is the name he grew up with but doesn’t know it.

A completely out there story, but it had us screaming at Monica on Wednesday wanting to see more.

Of course, we screamed at Carly (Laura Wright), as well, because we couldn’t stand another second of her being offended by Oscar’s mom proclaiming 14-year-olds don’t usually stay together. And then we screamed again when Oscar’s mom took one look at Steve Burton and proclaimed he’s Drew. And, we saw it coming.

We also screamed at Olivia (Lisa LoCicero) NOT to give Maxie (Kirsten Storms) a plate of food, because we finally figured out how everyone was going to end up at Monica’s house with pizza.

We didn’t expect the Alexis contingent to end up there, so that was especially fun when they ALL walked into the house just as Monica was going to sit down alone with a turkey burger.

GH’s ratings have been on the upswing with it even overtaking The Young and the Restless as number one in the key female demographics two weeks ago. There’s a reason for that. It’s because we’re now screaming at the TV because it’s THAT good.

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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