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Who Would You Rather See Jordan With?

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Jordan’s in a relationship with Andre on General Hospital, but she just shared a steamy kiss with Curtis.

Life just got a lot more complicated for the Port Charles police commissioner. Since Curtis (Donnell Turner) arrived in Port Charles, he and Jordan have been at serious odds. Once former partners on the force, they parted ways because of Curtis’s questionable methods and cocaine use.

Moving on with good guy Andre was a no-brainer, as he was more the straight-and-narrow type Jordan craved… or so she thought. Soap Hub polled fans about which guy is the better match for Jordan.

Curtis All the Way
There’s no denying the explosive chemistry between Jordan and Curtis, say 74% of fans, who really want to see her with her sexy former brother-in-law.

While Jordan (Vinessa Antoine) usually spews venom in Curtis’s direction, there’s something powerful underlying between them. Remember that old saying: There’s a thin line between love and hate. It totally applies in this case.

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All About Andre
Some 14% of you are pulling for the good doc. He’s honest, aboveboard, and levelheaded – the perfect match for a cop. Plus, the guy’s romantic and totally loves Jordan. Andre isn’t afraid of commitment. He’s marriage material.

Jordan would be wise not to let him get away — and considering how she used to be super jealous of Anna (Finola Hughes), she obviously wants him. If she walks away, she could end up regretting it forever.

Someone New
Neither guy is right for Jordan, according to 11% of fans. You find Andre (Anthony Montgomery) a nice guy but majorly boring. And Curtis is too cool and slick for your liking. The perfect man for Jordan is someone smack in the middle between the two of them. Hopefully, he arrives in Port Charles soon and sweeps Jordan off her feet.

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