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Should Jax Move Back to Port Charles Permanently??

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General Hospital’s Ingo Rademacher’s Jax first arrived in Port Charles in 1996, making quite an impression on the ladies and earning enemies in the men along the way.

He’s loved and lost and loved again, all the while making tons of money. Rademacher is making another appearance in Port Charles this week, so Soap Hub asked if you want Jax to stay in Port Charles permanently.

Jax Attack
After over 3,500 votes were tallied, 62% of you are all-in on a permanent Jax-attack in Port Charles. You’ve loved the Aussie ever since he arrived, and while you enjoy all of his visits, you want to see him back for good.

After all, his BFF Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) is a mess, and he’s just the medicine she needs to get back on her feet. His daughter Josslyn (Eden McCoy) also needs him now that her brother was killed and her mom and stepfather have imploded.

Short Bursts
It seems that 34% of you are fine with Jax just visiting from time to time. It gives him time to bug the heck out of Sonny (Maurice Benard) and get out without a scratch. After all, the two men have both loved and lost the same woman – a couple of times.

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Short visits allow Jax to also help out his friends, annoy an ex-wife or two, and be there for his daughter. You probably know that Rademacher lives in Hawaii, and these short visits are easier for him and his family.

Jury Is Out
Some 4% of you can’t decide what you want. While you love it that Jax keeps coming to town and mixing it up with some of your favorites, you’re not sure it won’t be too much a good thing.

Then again, Carly (Laura Wright) is available again and seeing them back together could be fun. Either way, you’re excited to watch more General Hospital and enjoy the stories that are being told.

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