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General Hospital Fans Tell Jason Who the Scarecrow is – Do You Agree?


Jake’s drawings on General Hospital (GH) reveal him hiding behind a tree from a scarecrow in the distance.

It’s obvious the child is afraid of him, although Jake has yet to tell his parents why. Nor has he explained who the hay figure actually represents. Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) and Jason have been working overtime to get to the root of their son’s fears.

Jason suspects Jake (Hudson West) might actually be afraid of the man he was before his accident; the man that Helena programmed to do her evil bidding. Soap Hub asked fans if you think Jason is the scarecrow. Some 4,000 of you weighed in.

Yes, It’s Jason
More than half of you, 58%, believe Jason (Billy Miller) is indeed the scarecrow. You suspect that Helena brainwashed him into doing terrible things during his time in captivity; things that Jake actually witnessed.

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It traumatized the boy to see his father behaving so badly. So he concocted the scarecrow and transferred all his feelings of fear toward him.

No, It’s Someone Else
This is a true case of a red herring, according to 42% of you. While the show is leading viewers to believe that Jason and the scarecrow are one in the same, they’re actually not.

You think the man of hay represents someone far more diabolical. In fact, you suspect it might be the evil Valentine (James Patrick Stuart).

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