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General Hospital History: Remember Sabrina Santiago

General Hospital SabrinaGeneral Hospital Sabrina

She was only on General Hospital for four years – 2012 to 2016 – short by soap opera history standards and yet Nurse Sabrina Santiago quickly earned a spot in the hearts of viewers as her transformation from “ugly duckling” to beautiful, confident swan was something to behold.


Frumpy nursing student Sabrina Santiago – she of the frizzy pigtailed hair and coke-bottle glasses – found herself in close proximity to her secret crush – Dr. Patrick Drake – when she agreed to babysit his young daughter, Emma.

Sabrina and Emma developed a special bond, and the little tyke wished desperately that her daddy would turn to a woman like her sitter instead of the hostile Britt Westbourne whom he had been courting.

During one of their nights alone together, Emma regaled Sabrina with tales of her recently deceased mother Robin (who was actually alive and being held against her will by Helena Cassadine) and the famed Port Charles gala event known as the Nurses Ball.

Inspired by her charge’s tale, Sabrina and her best friend, Felix DuBois, sought out the event’s legendary emcee, Lucy Coe, and the trio – along with Elizabeth Webber – helped to reestablish the Ball as a yearly event.

On the night of the Ball’s grand re-introduction, Sabrina allowed Felix to give her a makeover. Impressed with a newly confident Sabrina, Patrick declared his growing feelings for her but the budding romance was derailed by Britt, who claimed to be pregnant with Patrick’s baby.

Loser In Love
Britt’s lie was eventually exposed and the new couple weathered the arrival of Carlos Rivera, the first man whom Sabrina had been in love with. However, on the day that the two were to be joined as husband and wife, they were greeted by Robin fresh from her year-long imprisonment.

Although he hated having to break Sabrina’s heart, Patrick chose to reunite with his wife. When Sabrina learned she was pregnant, Carlos stepped up and offered to wed her to legitimatize the baby and Sabrina initially agreed to the plan but eventually revealed the truth.

When Robin was kidnaped yet again by yet another Cassadine, Sabrina and Patrick took tentative steps towards reconciliation but tragedy struck when Robin’s captors arranged for an automobile accident that resulted in the death of Sabrina’s baby.

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Absolutely consumed with grief, Sabrina suffered a complete mental breakdown and arrived at her son’s funeral clothed in her wedding dress, convinced that it was the day she and Patrick were to be married.


After recuperating amongst extended family in Puerto Rico, Sabrina returned to Port Charles. With revenge on her mind, Sabrina targeted Ava Jerome, who she mistakenly believed had ordered the car accident.

To further her goal, Sabrina slipped Ava a drug that would induce labor but when she learned that her victim was innocent, Sabrina confessed her crimes and was fired from her position at GH.

New Beginnings
Sabrina accepted Michael Quartermaine Corinthos’s offer to come and work at his proposed medical clinic but when the projected folded, she instead went to work as a nanny for his baby sister, Avery.

Michael and Sabrina grew closer and began to date but she was also drawn to Carlos. After sleeping with both men, Sabrina learned that she was pregnant. She initially told Michael that he was the father but eventually revealed the truth.

Despite knowing that Carlos was running from the police rather than face justice for killing Duke Lavery, Sabrina agreed to flee Port Charles alongside him. They held up in a cabin and it was there that Sabrina delivered their son whom she named Eduardo. The two manage to avoid the police long enough to get married, but Sabrina eventually abandoned her husband and returned home.

A Heroine’s Fate
On September 14, 2016, Sabrina accidentally stumbled upon a murder-minded Paul Hornsby who stood poised to do away with Monica Quartermaine. When she tried to call for help, Paul dragged her into another room and strangled her to death. General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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