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Do You Want This Griffin Storyline to End?

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Griffin has been cloaked in mystery since his arrival on General Hospital.

Originally, Griffin was introduced as a doctor. Then, in a surprise twist, it was revealed he was a priest, who once had an affair with Nathan’s (Ryan Paevey) wife, Claudette.

And, along the way, viewers found he was the son of Anna’s (Finola Hughes) former love, the late Duke Lavery. However, the identity of Griffin’s mother has never been fully explained. Soap Hub asked fans their opinion on this mama mystery and if they want the storyline to end already.

Yes, I Want the Truth
The majority of you, some 77%, are tired of playing the waiting game. You want to know the truth about Griffin’s mom – all the details about her affair with Duke, why it really ended, and if, perhaps, there was another reason she never told Duke (Ian Buchanan) that Griffin existed.

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The whole story has always sounded suspect to you, and you’re convinced something crucial is missing. You even wonder if Griffin’s mom may still be alive.

No, The Pace Is Perfect
The remaining 23% of you are happy with the status quo and think the pace of Griffin’s story has been just right with interesting twists and turns. While you don’t know all the answers about his late mother, you’ve learned lots about Griffin (Matt Cohen) during his time in Port Charles.

In fact, it’s been one surprise after another with the character – from doctor to priest to a man having a scandalous affair with a married woman. You can’t wait to see what’s next, whether it involves more details about his mother or not.

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