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GH Fans Want Teresa Castillo BACK Any Way They Can Get Her

General Hospital star Teresa CastilloGeneral Hospital star Teresa Castillo

The outrage over General Hospital letting Teresa Castillo go and subsequently killing her beloved character Sabrina has not died down. In fact, GH fans get more outraged by the day as we watch Michael mourn the woman he loved.

We all know dead doesn’t always mean dead on soaps, but Sabrina’s passing looks pretty final. However, that doesn’t stop Castillo fans from wanting the actress back on their screens. Soap Hub asked if you’d accept the actress as a different character and the results poured in.

Just Bring Her Back
Out of more than 15,000 votes, 64% of you said you’d love to see the actress back playing somebody new. After all, if the show could bring back Jeffrey Vincent Parise as Carlos’s good guy twin, why not bring back Castillo as Sabrina’s evil doppelganger to even out the playing field and make things interesting. We’d see the actress in a whole new light. Remember, Michael Easton’s managed to play a different Port Charles character five times now and fits right in every time.

Done Too Many Times
A smaller 29% of you think another lookalike story would be too much. You’ve had your fill of them and just want to see Sabrina laid to rest, while wishing Castillo the best of luck in new endeavors. Some of you even hold out hope that somehow Sabrina managed to survive and only faked her death in some sort of plot concocted off screen.

The Jury Is Out…
The final 7% aren’t sure what they want. While you’re sure you’ll miss Sabrina, you’re not sure if you can accept Castillo in another role. This is a hard decision, and you hope the General Hospital writers make the right one.

GH airs weekdays on ABC. Share your thoughts, leave a comment in the section below. Additionally, for more General Hospital spoilers updates, recaps, and news, go to Soap Hub’s Facebook fanpage and join the conversation about all your favorite soaps!
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