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General Hospital Fans Have Some Advice For Man Landers


When we first heard the words ‘Man Landers’ we admit, we rolled our eyes. However, we decided we’d give General Hospital (GH) a chance with this story.

After all, it gave something for Nathan (Ryan Paevey) to do while Kirsten Storms dealt with her depression and Maxie was away–and it also let us get to know Amy a bit better.

Now, the story seems to be coming to some sort of conclusion, with Maxie back wondering what on Earth is going on with her husband and the gossip nurse.

Soap Hub asked if you think Man Landers should slink back into the Internet shadows, or if she (he?) needs to become a permanent fixture in Port Charles.

Thumbs Down!
Well, after about 3,000 people weighed in, it looks like Man Lander should skedaddle–and fast. That’s right–a whopping 86% of you were over this story before it began and don’t understand why one of the soap’s top cops has been relegated to this convoluted mess.

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This doesn’t mean you dislike Amy (Risa Dorken). You just have no idea why she has a story with Nathan as the face of her advice column. Now that Maxie is back, you feel Amy needs to find something else to do.

Thumbs Up!
Of course, there are 14% of you who are enjoying this story and its dose of comic relief. You like knowing more about Amy and can’t wait to see her and Maxie go at it now that Mrs. West is back in town ready to fight for her man.

(Little does she know what’s really going on, but if we know Maxie, she’ll figure it out soon.)

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