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THIS New Couple on General Hospital Is the Most Popular!

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There has always been love in the afternoon as far as General Hospital is concerned.

Watching romance blossom into love is one of the key staples to a good soap opera. GH currently has a few new couples on the horizon that are grabbing the interests of fans. Soap Hub asked which couple are you rooting for the most?

Denying Love
After over 4,500 votes were tallied, 62% chose Finn (Michael Easton) and Hayden (Rebecca Budig) as your favorite couple in the making. Their friendship has been building for months and their attraction about as long too.

So what’s standing in their way? The guilt he feels over his wife’s death – and now he fears he may be responsible for the same fate befalling Hayden. Finn is a desperate man, needing to find a cure to a disease that’s killing him but his attraction to Hayden is becoming too strong to deny – and you love it.

Navigating New Love
It seems that 31% are firmly behind reformed bad boy Franco (Roger Howarth) and seemingly good girl who likes to dabble at being bad sometimes Liz (Rebecca Herbst).
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The good nurse has always wanted to heal people, and Franco’s broken psyche is her biggest project yet.

She brings out the best in him, and you love seeing him basking in finally having someone believe the best about him. And for many, anyone who can keep Liz away from…continue reading on the next page —>

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