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Will A Corinthos Brother Join The Family Business?

Michael and Morgan on General HospitalMichael and Morgan on General Hospital

On General Hospital, mobster/coffee importer Sonny Corinthos has sons Michael and Morgan available to take over the family business and become power players in town.

While Sonny (Maurice Benard) still has quite a few years ahead of him as the “capo” of Port Charles, eventually, he may look to step down and have one his sons take over the reins. Good guy Michael could be a fit. He’s kind of the Michael Corleone of the family. However, tough hotheaded Morgan might be up to the task if he stays on his meds. General Hospital fans weighed in on the subject.

Bring on the Boys
Exactly half (50%) of the fans that responded want to see Sonny’s boys follow in his powerful footsteps. You feel the time is approaching for the next generation to take charge. While some of you think the edgy Morgan is the obvious choice, others believe the logical, levelheaded Michael (Chad Duell) is the man for the job.

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Not So Fast
Meanwhile, 44% of you think it’s too soon to talk about Sonny’s successor, and, when the time comes, you definitely don’t want it to be Michael or Morgan. Power isn’t everything. Sonny’s lifestyle is way too dangerous, and you’d rather both Corinthos boys find safer, alternative careers. And you’re pretty sure Carly (Laura Wright) feels the same way and could be a major stumbling block if either son tried.

Time Will Tell
The final 6% of fans can’t even consider the scenario, yet. Michael and Morgan (Bryan Craig) are young men who are still searching for their calling. You think it’s going to be a few years before they decide what path to go down.

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