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General Hospital Clarification: Julian Does NOT Know Who Wiley Is

General Hospital Julian and the baby February 28

While Julian has been helping Brad keep the secret that the “original” Wiley passed away soon after Brad brought him home on General Hospital, there seems to be a lot of confusion over what facts Julian actually knows.

Between comments on Soap Hub’s own articles, information in other soap publications, and other social media posts, it looks like many GH fans believe Julian is well aware that Wiley is Jonah, the baby Nelle claims died. This also makes the baby now called Wiley the grandson of Julian’s arch-enemy, Sonny Corinthos.

In fact, Julian doesn’t know who Wiley is at all. When he realized the baby he photographed in the hospital was not the baby Lucas and Brad claimed as their adopted son, he did indeed confront Brad. And Brad did indeed confess that the first Wiley died and he replaced him with another baby.

But no, Brad did not tell Julian who handed him this baby. He did say he got the replacement baby on the side of the road, which did happen. However, he told Julian a random homeless woman handed him the child and then ran off.

Ok, we guess one could consider Nelle a homeless woman since — by that point — nobody wanted her living in their home, Nelle is certainly not random and neither is that baby.

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Wouldn’t this story have gone awfully differently on Julian’s part if he knew Wiley was Jonah, a Quartermaine-Corinthos, and the baby Michael has been mourning for nearly year?

Wouldn’t this fact have come up in just about every panicked conversation Brad has had with Julian since last summer as he popped antacids and practically hyperventilated?

Even during last week’s Brad-has-heartburn conversation, all Julian asked was would the real birth mother become an issue.

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