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Will Avery Be the One to Out Ava’s Role in Morgan’s Death?!

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On General Hospital, cute little Avery Corinthos is learning to talk – which pleases most parents. But, maybe she spoke too soon, so to speak.

Ava seems to be oblivious to that fact, and that children tend to mimic what they hear, considering she’s been discussing her part in Morgan’s death quite openly in front of her adorable toddler Avery (Ava and Grace Scarola). Soap Hub asked if you think Avery will be the one to spill the beans on the pills.

Out of the Mouths of Babes
After over 1,500 votes were tallied, 84% believe that yes, little Avery will be the one to randomly let the cat out of the bad on this one. She’s become quite the little chatterbox, so what if she ends up repeating what she’s been hearing all around her lately?

Ava fought with Scott (Kin Shriner) right in front of her daughter as she soaked up everything like the little sponge that she is. How amazing would it be if she happened to repeat what she heard in front of an already suspicious Carly (Laura Wright)?

Too Young
It seems that 10% say she will probably forget, and the secret will remain buried. After all, that’s counting on her to remember an awful lot, which some two-year-olds can do with ease–and some can’t.

What happened to Morgan (Bryan Craig) and her mother’s part in it isn’t an easy thing to make sense of – even for some of us adults who are trying to understand of this bizarre storyline.

On the Fence
Still 6% of you aren’t sure what to think about it. Avery is learning to talk and getting smarter and smarter, but she’s still a wild card. Frankly Lucy (Lynn Herring) seems like a smarter bet as the one to finally do in Ava (Maura West), but of course time will tell.

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