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General Hospital Alum Vanessa Marcil Champions Women Friendships

Vanessa MarcilVanessa Marcil

Brenda Barrett on General Hospital certainly wasn’t known for having a lot of female friends (except perhaps Robin and Lois), because most of the women of Port Charles felt she was more of a rival. Vanessa Marcil, who played the iconic character, is letting fans know that girls can be friends without being ultra-competitive.

Vanessa Marcil Celebrates Friendship

The remarks were most likely made in lieu of the back-and-forth between she and former 90210 co-stars Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling, who responded to Marcil’s claims about “not being liked” when she starred on the show the final two seasons.

On Instagram, the actress posted a photo of her and her best friend, model Kymberly Marciano, and described a little of their long-lasting friendship.

“This is my best friend of 20 years,” Marcil wrote. “She’s a model, an accomplished business woman, a philanthropist and a mother of three. Bottom line is that she is one beautiful, fancy, talented, successful, badass bitch with a heart of gold. How did we meet? WORKING TOGETHER.”

Marcil, who noted she’s worked on sets big and small — everything from $300 million films to 30-seat playhouses, has often worked with “legit supermodels” as co-stars, and that didn’t mean things needed to turn catty and you could be friends.

“I’m still best friends with my tall, gorgeous, accomplished high school girlfriends,” the actress wrote. “I’m still friends with almost every woman I’ve ever worked with.”

She went on to show how Marciano has always been there for her, even being there in the hospital when Marcil’s son was born.

“Women are the heart of our planet… Not all women have been living in a competitive world,” Marcil said. “I’m only speaking of my own experience and it is our job as decent human beings to LISTEN to each other. I love women. I was raised in this industry working for women producers, directors and with female co-stars & crew of all ages & every level of success who created an atmosphere of support, help & celebration of each other. I have, 99 percent of the time felt love, admiration & community among women.”

Not that it’s always been that way. Marcil did reveal there have been rare times when she hasn’t felt support and professionalism from those she worked with, and in those cases, she left. And she wants others to be as strong.

“We are who we surround ourselves with and we always have the choice to leave the party,” Marcil said. “Always. I stand with all honest, grown-up, self-reflective women. We all make mistakes but it is only those of us who can be honest about our shortcomings and apologize that are offered peace and grace in this life. Search your heart for the truth, especially if you are raising children. They are watching us & they will copy us.”

She finished the post with an important message she hopes all women will hear.

“Join us in this powerful tribe,” she said. “There is room for all of us and it is NEVER TOO LATE.” General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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