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General Hospital Alum Jeffrey Vincent Parise Lands A Childhood Dream Role


Jeffrey Vincent Parise played a mix of characters when he was twins Carlos and Joe Rivera on General Hospital. Now, the actor is taking on another role and the genre it’s in is making him feel as if a childhood wish has been fulfilled.

Jeffrey Vincent Parise – A Dream Come True

“I’m going to play BearClaw as part of the @elfquest audio movie and it’s a real dream come true!” Parise wrote in an Instagram post. “[A]s a child, I was first in line on Wednesdays at my local comic book shop in Indiana to buy the newest edition of the original Elf Quest.

“Back when it was in magazine form with Warp Graphics,” he continues. “I still have all of them. As a boy, in the backseat of my parent’s car, I would ride by wooded areas and think to myself ‘I bet there are Elves in there…’ I dressed as Rayak one year for Halloween.

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“My early inspirations as an artist were the Elves,” Parise adds. “I would draw them on my school folders (which I still have) and on the classroom chalkboard. During quarantine, I reread the entire first series and had a thought to myself; ‘this would make a great movie,’ and when I got to Bear Claw my next thought was ‘this is who I’d play…'”

Parise is a posterchild for positive visualization given that he’s now been cast in the part. “So, after all these years, Elf Quest continues to bring high levels of magic and awe into my life,” the performer notes. “I am beyond grateful to be part of this project!

“And if I weren’t excited enough one of my best friends and favorite people in the world [Cree Summer] is also in it!! When [she] and I first met, having both read Elf Quest was one of the things we bonded over! This project is still being funded by fans who want to hear it come to life, so check out their page and click the link in their bio for more info and/or to get involved!!! @elfquest #elfquest #elf #bearclaw General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.


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