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General Hospital: 5 Pivotal Moments From The Past Out-Of-This-World Week

General Hospital MomentsGeneral Hospital Moments

Soap opera stories either crawl or fly by, meaning that sometimes we have to miss big developments. Never fear, Soap Hub is here to fill you in on what you missed last week on General Hospital.

Close, But No Cigar
Shiloh (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) was sure he has Jason (Steve Burton) right where he wanted him — if Stone Cold ever wants to see Sam (Kelly Monaco) alive again then he will submit to Doctor Cabot’s memory mapping procedure.

However, a tacky knick-knack in Shiloh’s room gave Jason a clue to Sam’s location so he punched his would-be blackmailer unconscious and headed to the Dawn of Day house where he rescued Sam from a freezer.

A Culprit Unmasked
Since the police investigation wasn’t turning up any new leads, Liesl decided to use some good old fashioned deductive reasoning to figure out the identity of her assailant. And the hostage-taker turned chief of staff turned advice blogger came up with only one possibility: Brad Cooper.

Liesl confronted Brad at GH and demanded that he admit his guilt. Finally, he did but wondered if Liesl’s spill into the drink didn’t make them even — she did shove him from Wyndemere’s parapet after all.

But Liesl was still determined to tell Michael the truth about baby Wiley so Brad threatened to turn Brit into the authorities for knowing about the switch.

Decision Made
Lulu (Emme Rylan) was contacted by Robert (Tristan Rogers) and they had a meeting at Charlie’s. Robert admitted that he was the bearer of bad news- – Dante’s treatment was set so far back following the shooting incident that the WSB has decided to suspend all deprogramming protocols. Despite the grim prognosis, Lulu became resolute in a decision — she will NOT divorce her husband.

Best Laid Plans
Upon awakening, a groggy Shiloh …continue reading on the next page —>

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