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Top 4 Ways to Reunite Julexis on General Hospital (GH) – Do You Agree?

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Julian and Alexis split in atrocious and seemingly no-coming-back-from fashion in 2016, but it never stopped Julexis fans from demanding General Hospital (GH) reunite the power couple.

The show was one step ahead of them, having already plotted the complex story behind Julian (William deVry) putting a knife to his wife’s throat and threatening to kill her.

And, shockingly, it was plausible. His diabolical sister Olivia (Tonja Walker) had ordered the hit on Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn), and Julian was pretending to go along with it to spare her from harming his entire family.

Since learning the truth, Alexis has softened toward her ex. She even spent a passionate night with him, but afterward announced that it was simply her way of saying goodbye.

But was it really? Fans aren’t buying it, considering the powerful feelings lingering between the twosome.

Here are 4 ways to reunite Julexis – permanently!

Sam Steps In
After serious consideration, Sam (Kelly Monaco) decides to forgive daddy Julian’s crimes and make peace with him.

She convinces her siblings to do the same, explaining everything that went down with Olivia and noting that their mother was never as happy as when she was in a committed relationship with Julian.

It takes some time, but Kristina (Lexi Ainsworth) and Molly (Haley Pullos) come around and agree that Julian deserves another chance. The Davis girls plan a romantic reunion for the couple and give them their blessing to move forward together.

Reset and Rewed
Alexis decides to throw caution to the wind – again! She stuns her family and friends by announcing that she believes Julian has changed and that she’s forgiven him everything – ordering the hit on Duke, killing Carlos, threatening to slit her throat…

She’s a fool for love. She’s ready to admit it, stop fighting the inevitable, and remarry him. Julian, in turn, vows to be the man she deserves, and this time he really means it.

And They’re Off…
Realizing her daughters will never accept Julian back into her life, Alexis makes a radical decision. She writes her girls a goodbye note and asks them to take care of one another.

Then, she hits them with a bombshell, explaining that she’s left town to start a new life with Julian. In time, she’s hoping Sam, Kristina, and Molly can find it in their hearts to forgive Julian and welcome him back into their family.

Once they do, she and Julian will return. Viewers, of course, will still get to see the twosome sharing romantic alone time in their cottage hideaway.

Shower Power
Remember the most famous shower scene since Psycho? That’s right, Bobby Ewing turning up in Pam’s bathroom, after he’d been struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver on Dallas. Bobby’s horrific demise turned out to be a bad dream.

What if Alexis’s night on the docks with Julian and that dagger never really happened either? What if he just emerges from Alexis’s shower one morning and greets his wife with a kiss?

Yes, it would require a lot of rewrites, but Julexis fans would welcome each and every one of them.

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