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Franco’s BACK and Hayden’s GONE on General Hospital (GH)


Roger Howarth makes his return to our General Hospital (GH) screens next week as Franco returns from New York City where he spent an extended period of time confronting his past life as a serial killer.

And just as he returns, Rebecca Budig makes her exit.

As Franco dealt with the civil suit that arose from those murders that were later explained by a brain tumor, he got to take a look at and take home some of his old, dark, and disturbed paintings, according to the August 21 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

Seeing how he used to be in the city he grew up in makes him think more about his childhood, which was certainly not a good one considering what he eventually grew into.

He thought all that was the past, but seeing it all brings it flooding back and the Franco that returns has to live with all of that.

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As most know, Franco’s absence was really caused by Roger Howarth’s contract status being up in the air, so until that was ironed out, the character had to go some place, leaving Liz (Rebecca Herbst) to find comfort in growing closer to her sister.

Well, next week Hayden’s out and Franco is back in. Liz has to process Hayden’s abrupt and unexplained exit, but at least her boyfriend is there, and as Head Writer Shelly Altman told Digest, he’s “a very welcome sight.”

Howarth told Digest it wasn’t easy getting back into the swing of things, but the fans made it worthwhile.

“I truly appreciate the overwhelming fan support. They are truly amazing and I’m grateful.”

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