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Could Franco Be the General Hospital Serial Killer?

Roger Howarth on General HospitalRoger Howarth on General Hospital

There’s a killer on the loose at General Hospital. While everyone is a suspect, smart money may be on the guy working there who has a past of being… well, you know… a serial killer.

Soap Hub asked if you think Franco (Roger Howarth) is the serial killer. It looks like the majority have spoken.

Benefit of the Doubt
With almost 5,000 votes cast, 83% of you believe Franco is a changed man. There’s no way it’s him – it was the brain tumor before and now that he’s well, he would never do that. Besides, he’s too preoccupied with getting Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) into his bed – where would he have found the time? Either way, you’re completely sold on him being a new man.

A Leopard and His Spots
Once a killer, always a killer, or at least that’s what 11% were thinking when you declared him as the culprit. You didn’t buy the brain tumor defense, and you’re not buying his innocent act right now either. You’re probably holding your breath every time he’s near Elizabeth! You believe the Port Charles PD would be smart to keep its eye on Franco.

Jury Is Out
The final 6% of aren’t sure what to believe! One minute he’s acting very suspicious, skulking around the hospital and spying on people (okay, Elizabeth). The next minute, he’s sweet as pie, offering to pay for all of her kids to go away to summer camp. Not that he’d gain anything from her having an empty house, now, would he? Ugh! It’s too close to call. Either way, you’re loving General Hospital right now and can’t wait to see how this all turns out!

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