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Why We Find It Impossible To Like Griffin On General Hospital

Griffin General HospitalGriffin General Hospital

Like so many characters, Griffin Munro started out with so much promise. A handsome new General Hospital doctor who clearly had connections to both Anna and Nathan. We weren’t surprised when he turned out to be Duke’s never-before-heard-of son, but we were surprised when he turned out to be a priest.

A priest AND a doctor? Does it get anymore perfect human than that? Well, maybe not, if you’re not a fallen priest.

But yay! Interesting! A fallen priest who had an affair with a married woman and then got shot by her cop husband when he caught them in bed together. Good soap.

Or, if you drop the story like a hot potato, bad soap. So, Griffin (Matt Cohen) just hung around for a while as the doctor giving last rites at GH and then became Ava’s (Maura West) medical, and soon, personal savior after she was badly burned and scarred.

And they fell in love. Or maybe lust. And ok. We’ll buy it. Except, now we want a refund because really, Griffin, get over yourself.

Not only did you sleep with a married woman while still a priest and then years later leave the priesthood to take up with a mob heiress–now you slept with her daughter and are keeping that fact a secret.

(Let’s not forget about then having sex with Ava around two hours later without ever changing the sheets. But, you did shower, so we’ll give you that much.)

Yet, you sit there and give Ava the tsk, tsk look when she dares make a wisecrack at Carly’s personality while on the witness stand. Because do not desecrate at alter of Sonny and Carly, murdering mobster extraordinaire and his busybody wife. (But, that’s why we love them.)

Oh wait, Griffin did another bad, bad thing when he got curious about Peter’s lineage and ran a DNA test on him without his permission. So, now we have breaking his priestly vows, breaking his hippocratic oath, AND lecturing Ava whenever she’s just being Ava.

Griffin, enough. Just enough. Dude, you’ve sinned. A lot. Welcome to humanity. But, the self-righteous act? Gotta go.

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Video Credit: Taylor Foster

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